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[ A Rin wasn't one to make stuff up, but Kyousuke knew that would be impossible. He knew every cat on the school grounds, and even had a name for each of them. But when Rin had come to him in the morning she saw a new one, he was just confused...

Did he carelessly create another one and not pay attention?

No, he didn't. At least...he thought he didn't. No one was perfect, after all.

Standing in the sports field, he scans the area for it. She saw it somewhere around here, right? He just had to figure out what was going on.
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[ The school gates was where they agreed to meet. He stood there silently, hands in his pockets. He had only ever world hopped once before, and the whole process still amazed him. In just a little while longer, someone entirely foreign would be stepping on the school grounds.

Well, not entirely. Kano had come to play baseball with him before. But this was different. He was going to help find her a place to stay. Those wings would only cause trouble if people in her world found out. Funny enough, no one would care enough to find out about it here, so long as they manage to keep a low enough profile.

He looked at his watch. It should be any minute now.
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 Hey Steve, are you free today?
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[ ooc: This includes Haruhi, Sena, Kano, Touma, other Kyousuke, Harumi and Shooter. I would have done this earlier, but exams got in the way sob. Just assume your worldhops as necessary. Let us begin the shenanigans! ]

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[ This was the place, slip of paper right? He looked back to the address on the slip of paper in his left hand. Yeah, this was it. A large empty partkling lot laid out before him. In his right hand, he carried a bag filled with white flowers, and a small can of green paint.It was slightly chilly, more so than his own world currently was, but he had to keep with the spirit, and decided against bringing his black coat with him. A little farther ahead of him, he could see several cans of paint, most of them white, though other colors were there as well, and next to them, uprooted white flowers not to different from the ones he had. He finally noticed the girl in the white sundress next to them, and smiled as he called out to her. ]

Yo, Suzumiya. I'm here.


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